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SDE Intern at Angel Broking


  • Tech used : Python, Django, Html, Css, Bootstrap, PostgreSql, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax.
  • developed a python script which predicts future performance of stocks.
  • The script pulls stock data from Yahoo Finacance API, plots it on a timeline along with different moving averages.The comparison between the averages allows to analyse the performance of the stock in recent past thus one gets a hint about the momentum in a stock's trade.
  • Prediction process also involves computing RSI (Relative Strength Index) which indicates if a stock is overbought or oversold in comparison to its actual evaluation.


COOLTREE (Group project : 3 members)


  • Tech used : Php, Html, Css, Bootstrap, Mysql.
  • Cooltree is a website, designed on the lines of popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter to facilitate interaction among registered users.
  • Registered users can interact with each other by live chat(feature under development), or could write their blog, website includes features like login system, safety from sql injection, personal details and photos upload.
  • Amongst the team members i had the responsibility of handling the back-end of the system.Used Php, Mysqli.

projects under development/on their way to web..